It all starts with an idea....

We are passionate about the process of turning ideas into content
that both moves and inspires.

We have over ten years experience of taking
your ideas and bringing them to life
through sound, image and motion.

Our aim is to make ideas become stories...

Our Services

We bring creative insight along with consumate technical knowledge of the latest digital imagery to enhance every project.

Offline Editing

We have an offline suite running Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro, providing the power & flexibility you need to meet the most demanding creative editorial challenges.

Motion Graphics & Animation

We have considerable experience creating digital animation & motion graphics. We understand design, integration & movement. We provide animation content for title sequences, documentaries, short films & TVCs.


We have over 10 years of experience taking professional photographs, from business interiors, family moments, weddings, landscapes, and children at play.

Colour Grading

Our work-flow allows for real-time, calibrated color-grading sessions, bringing out the best in your footage regardless of the format.

Sound Editing & Design

We provide the highest level of sound design, editing & mixing services. We have lots of audio restoration & sound design plug-ins, & an extensive sound library.

Voice Over Recording & ADR

Our voiceover recording studio provides a quiet & comfortable space to record all Voice Over needs. We also have facilities for Additional Dialogue Replacement (ADR).


We have over 10 years of experience writing, directing and producing award winning short films, documentaries and music videos.

Recent Projects

Surfing The Menu

Two mates, cooks, surfers take a trip around Australia and discover amazing locations, wonderful people, passionate producers and unique produce. Starring Hayden Quinn and Dan Churchill and produced by Mago Films. Noah was Senior Editor and Wendi was Assistant Editor.

#On Assignment

#On Assignment

The inaugural program for the launch of ABC Arts on Iview, #On Assignment sees photographer James Simmons follow professional photographers for a day. Produced by VAM Media, Balthazaar Media provided the full post production - edit, motion graphics and sound edit.

Kidz Galore Daycare

Kidz Galore

Balthazaar Media provided all of the photographs and video content for Kidz Galore as they rebranded their company through a new website and brochures. Our work included videos of the graduating children, photographs of children playing and photographs of building interiors.

Josh's House Star Performers

Josh's House Star Performers

Balthazaar Media provided the post production on this VAM Media production. Josh Byrne (Gardening Australia) visits five 10 star energy efficient family homes throughout Australia, collating the statistical performance of the houses and the happiness of their inhabitants.

On Country Kitchen

On Country Kitchen

Comedian Derek Nannup and chef Mark Olive travel through Western Australia's South West meeting local producers, hunters and gatherers. Produced by Mago Films, with assistance from Karla Hart Enterprises and Pink Pepper Productions, Noah is once again Senior Editor.

Drawn to Water

Drawn to Water

Drawn to Water follows underwater artsist Roger Swainston from the port city of Fremantle to Coral Bay, as he embarks on his fifteenth year of a project mapping the life of the Ningaloo Reef and it's creatures. Produced and directed by VAM Media for the ABC, with Noah as Editor.

Sensorium Theatre

Sensorium Theatre

Sensorium Theatre create immersive multi-sensory performances for kids with special needs. Working with VAM Media. we created digital resources in videos and audio books that broaden the companies ability to reach more children and continue the process beyond the live performance.

Art of Fire

Art Of Fire

Balthazaar Media animated 16 stories from Jimmy Pike's illustrated book, Art of Fire. Prevailing Wind produced this excellent production that is spoken entirely in Martu Language, and narrated by Desmond Taylor. Each story explains the importance of fire to the Martu.

Similiar & Familiar

Similiar & Familiar

Similiar & Familiar is a live action fantasy short film created by Balthazaar Media. It follows the exploits of the world's least successful evil genius, Similiar, and his eye patched sidekick, Familiar, as they unleash their feeble plan to destroy the peaceful town of Akerstrom.