Balthazaar Media provide sweetening and
finishing in one location

The Brow Horn Orchestra Music Video

Established in 2004 by Noah Norton and Wendi Graham, Balthazaar Media are a boutique digital production and post production house based in Perth, Western Australia. We have completed post production services for hundreds of television shows, shorts, TVC, documentary, drama series, feature, animation and digital media productions.

Offering a complete post production workflow for broadcast and HD digital formats, with complete sound and vision recording, editing, sweetening and finishing in one location, we specialise in achieving uncompromising quality for productions of all sizes.

Noah Norton


As an Editor, Noah's credits include Surfing The Menu, Mission Predator, Jack Stein: Born to Cook, Outback Opal Hunters, On Country Kitchen, Shock Art, Team of Champions: Nyoongar Magic, Josh's House, Outback Truckers, #On Assignment, Drawn to Water, and the LotteryWest Grants TVC Campaign. He has a keen eye as a Colourist, and has immense creative vision for Animation and Motion Graphics. Noah is also an award winning Director of short films and music videos. He completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) with honours, and was the Digital Production Course Coordinator at the Film & Television Institute for 6 years.

Wendi Graham


Wendi is an award winning Sound Editor/Designer with her credits including Jack Stein: Born to Cook, On Country Kitchen, Hidden Light, Shock Art, #On Assignment and Our Footsteps. As an Assistant Editor she has worked on Surfing the Menu, Shock Art, On Country Kitchen, Jack Stein: Born to Cook and Indigenous Community Stories. Wendi specializes in Photography, particularly travel photography and children at play, with her works being displayed in exhibitions and on websites. Wendi is a lecturer in Location and Post Production Sound, has sat on several film funding panels, and has been a judge at the WA Screen Awards 7 times.

Key Collaborators

Periscope Pictures

Winners of the prestigious 2013 WA Screen Award for best feature documentary, Periscope Pictures is a company specialising in the production of high quality documentaries and factual entertainment.

Showrunner Productions

Showrunner are a production house specializing in factual documentary, animation and drama. They produce 72 Dangerous Animals, 72 Cutest Animals, 72 Dangerous Places to Live & Mission Predator.

Mago Films

Mago Films has produced over 70 hours of successful television documentaries and factual series since 1999, including Surfing The Menu, Great War Horses, and Recipes That Rock.

VAM Media

VAM Media have a particular interest in the Arts & community related projects, & engage with community, forward thinking organisations, artists, musicians and filmmakers through events & video projects.

Prospero Productions

Prospero Productions is one of Australia's leading documentary production companies who have produced Outback Truckers, Outback Pilots, Railroad Australia, and Martin Clune's Islands of Australia.

Pink Pepper Productions

Run by Taryne Laffer, Pink Pepper Productions specialize in Indigenous content. Previous works include Our Footsteps - Rev Sealin Garlett, Aden Eades, Unearthed - Rueben Yorkshire, and Rainforest WarriorZ.

Small Voice Films

Founded in 2017, Small Voice Films is a production company dedicated to bringing high quality films to the global marketplace. Headed by Aaron Kamp, in 2017 they released their debut feature film, Hidden Light


Flibl are innovators in digital content & brand storytelling. Run by Jesse Norton & Lauren Razavi, and based in Norwich UK, Flibl have worked with the world's leading technology, lifestyle, travel and media brands.

Prevailing Wind Productions

Dave Wells created Prevailing Wind Productions to offer media production services to individuals, communities, organisations & business that work with Martu & their communities.